We manage our company with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 sertified environmental, quality, health and safety policies. We conform to the latest environmental and health regulation, such as RoHS or other EU Directives. We provide signed verifications upon request.   

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  • Kiwa certified

We have invested in creating best practices to achieve excellent production reliability and quality, lessen environmental effects, and minimize the stress load of work environment. We strive to keep cutting energy and water consumption.


For our quality policy it is central to listen to customers and respect the work they do. We are responsible for our actions to all stakeholders. Our customers, personnel, suppliers, authorities and society are right to expect transparency and reliability in the conduct of business and that is what we intend to do.

We have invested in the safety of the workplace and a healthy, supportive work culture. Special care has been taken to achieve high reliability in our coating lines that carry the customer products. The processes of maintenance work, chemical handling and logistics have been carefully developed to prevent dangerous occurrences.


When assessing both the customer and personnel satisfaction surveys in the long term, we’re doing well. Customer satisfaction is high, personnel stability is exceptionally high, and in audits we have received only minor aberrations. Our chosen road is to do even better.

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