Professional coating services

- your partner in coating

Suomen Elektropinta Oy is a coating technology company founded in 1995. We operate in the Neulamäki industrial area of Kuopio, in a production facility of 1500 m2. Our core services include coating design, different types of metal coatings (e.g. Zinc Electroplating, anodising, electrolytic nickel plating, electroless nickel plating, chromium plating, and copper plating) and product development services.

High-quality coating for industrial products

Our business idea is to provide high-quality coating services and products cost-effectively and at all stages of the life span of the customer’s product. We are a highly punctual and solution-oriented partner that can be trusted completely in all situations.

We are constantly developing our operations to adapt to our customers’ own design and production processes. Our operation is based on an innovative coating product optimisation model, the Opticoat8 system.

Taking part in the customer’s product development

We can participate in product development by e.g. offering a solution for the metal coatings of a piece of machinery that is under construction or in production. Our company provides the following services, among others:

  • zinc electroplating 
  • blue passivation
  • yellow passivation
  • black passivation
  • anodising
  • electrolytic nickel plating
  • electroless nickel plating
  • chromium plating
  • copper plating

Customer-based cooperation as the core value

Our core values are uncompromising commitment to work, constant improvement of technological expertise, honest and open operation, unprejudiced respect of people, and operational profitability.

“You are welcome to get to know the company and its operations in Kuopio. We are constantly looking for new partners for goal-oriented, high-quality, and long-term collaboration.”

Esko Helminen
Suomen Elektropinta Oy