Zinc electroplating

Zinc electroplating consists of 5 to 25 micrometers of electrodeposited zinc coating that is passivated with chromatic conversion coating. There are three passivation types in production: blue, black and iridescent. All passivation types are fully compliant with RoHS guidelines.


Yellow iridescent passivation is produced according to the latest standards, which means it offers a thick film passivation with excellent corrosion prevention properties. You can order from us all standardized additional services and treatments, such as packing each item with corrosion prevention (VCI) bags. Services and prices are agreed upon in service offer.


Our coating process is fully compliant with the latest environmental regulation such as RoHS and WEEE.


Electroplated zinc is a good option for decorative demands. It gives excellent galvanic corrosion protection and can be produced with exact layer thickness. As a metallic coating it also serves as a functional surface and can withstand moderate mechanic wear. 


Passivation types currently in production:


Yellow iridescent passivation

 Blue passivation

 Black passivation


Anodizing is a controlled oxidizing process, where the aluminum surface is passivated to a ceramic layer and is usually from 5 to 30 micrometers in depth. Anodizing process delivers a passive, durable and decorative surface for many uses.


Colors in production currently are natural color (silvery gray) black anodizing and blue color. Special colors can be ramped up – ask for more options by contacting us.


Anodizing enhances the overall durability of the coated part. Because it is passive and very hard it withstands both abrasive wear and corrosion. With coloring the decorative outlook can be adjusted to high standards. Anodizing can also be used for electrical shielding. Process is fully compliant with RoHS and WEEE requirements. 


Because anodizing is a reactive layer and does not build up a separate coated layer it has excellent adhesion properties. With its passive properties in corrosive environment, anodized aluminum guarantees a very long-life span for your products.


Available treatments:


Natural (silvery grey)



Electroless nickel

Electroless nickel is a coating system suited for many functional special requirements. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass can all be coated by electroless nickel. This makes it possible to tailor their surface properties to various purposes.


We are the only coating company in Finland offering hard and low friction black nickel. Black nickel is a good metallic option for product surfaces where you need a very low light emittance and deep black texture with good adhesion and mechanical strength.


Electroless nickel has three main types:


Low phosphorous electroless nickel is a microcrystalline coating, that is very hard with good wear properties. Due to microcrystalline structure the surface has a satin type of look with very low friction.

High phosphorus electroless nickel has an amorphic microstructure without grain boundaries. Hence it is a good barrier, both to corrosion and tough mechanical wear. The outlook is bright like quite like in decorative nickel.

Mid phosphorus electroless nickel is in the midway in its properties when compared to low and mid phosphorus options.

Electroless plating is a very good option when coating holes and cavities, because it is adhesive to every catalytic surface evenly. This special feature offers good results in pipes and hydraulic blocks, for example. Overall, electroless nickel can be tailored to different needs, whether it is chemical corrosion, electrical conductivity or tribological properties.


Treatments available:


 black nickel

 high phosphorus nickel

low phosphorus nickel.

Copper electroplating

Copper functions as an independent coating layer or as a good adhesive layer to subsequent coating layers of various metals. By using plated copper, you can achieve the properties only copper can offer with lesser expenses when compared to using full copper.


Treatments available:


alcaline copper

acid copper


We offer logistics service to make our fast and reliable service even better. We can send your batch to any address with good flexibility. Ask for a price quote for your items and we will give you both a coating and a cargo pricing in our offer.

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