Quality and R&D

Our daily conduct of business and processes are guided by ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Our operations are based on continuous development by deterring anomalies, evaluating risks and making amendments in a controlled way. All this is guided by a long-term strategy.

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Part of the supply chain

We are a part of a supply chain that begins with choosing the metal alloy and the methods of mechanical manufacturing. We are taking our part seriously by carefully studying the standards, best practices and literature that guide metal plating processes and problem solving.

Producing the right way

The most common challenge with end product quality often arises from the choices in manufacturing methods or their quality in practice. The qualities of the metal alloy, mechanical manufacturing and structural solutions all affect the quality of coating. Also, the practices in supply chain quality management affect the end product quality.


We study and learn the factors that make high coating quality possible. We are committed to finding right solutions to achieve the best possible quality for your needs.


Product development

Our role is to help you find the solution for your detailed requirements. We support our customers’ product development by offering options and testing them in the real coating process. The details of the coating solution are also a matter that can be brought to the design desk.


We have developed a functional coating system that is based on electroless nickel. With its technical functionalities, various requirements can be met, from hard wearing to chemical corrosion.


When needed we can also arrange demos of any electrochemical coating so that you can research and test the properties in your field tests and development rounds.

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