Environment, health, and safety in our company

- coating responsibly

Because we operate in the field of industrial coating technology, which involves both safety and environmental risks, we strictly abide by the relevant legislation and meticulously maintain systems aimed at ensuring the safety of our work and efficient recycling as part of our production process.

* Environment, health and safety

Our environment and safety policy

We abide by an open and committed environmental and safety policy.

  • We rigorously obey environmental legislation and all permit conditions that concern us in all company operations.
  • We commit to abide by occupational safety legislation and other relevant safety requirements.
  • In our operations, we take note of the safety-related expectations of our customers, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • We openly inform the relevant stakeholders of environment and safety-related details, and we are prepared to acquaint our collaboration partners with the systems we use.

Risk management

Environmental risk management and constant development

Metal coating is an industrial activity using various chemicals, and it requires expertise. The industry involves clear risks of environmental damage, and we have been doing long-term and uncompromising work to avoid them. In the modern waste water processing facility, we are able to purify, and, for the most part, recycle, process water safely and without stressing the environment. We monitor and develop the continuous improvement of environmental protection through our ISO 14001 certified Opticoat8 system.

We are constantly striving to improve our processes and to use the most environmentally friendly production methods and technologies in each work phase. We measure and evaluate the significant environmental factors of our operations and their effects on the environment. Based on these measurements and external requirements we draw up annual environmental programmes, determine specific goals, and monitor their realisation.

We pay special attention to energy and water consumption and to optimising the use of production chemicals.

Safety risk management and process improvement

Safety matters have been diligently taken into account in the development of our operations. Occupational health and safety matters are an essential part of a responsible company’s way of operating, and that is why we have been constructing a safety system that is indispensable for work environment well-being and that is also a part of the Opticoat8 system. Our safety system has been certified in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 standard.

We are constantly aiming to improve our processes and to use the best production methods and technologies in terms of safety in each work phase. We measure and evaluate the significant safety-related factors of our operations and their effects. Based on these measurements and external requirements we determine the goals and objectives of our safety activities, draw up annual safety programmes, and monitor results.

We pay special attention to our operational reliability in hazardous situations involved in coating line maintenance and fault situations, handling chemicals, and maintenance.


Aiming towards sustainable development and minimising environmental damage

The environmental policy of Suomen Elektropinta Oy is aiming to reach an environmentally sustainable method of production and operation in our daily work. By developing high quality coatings processes we also take part in lengthening the life cycle of our customers’ products. Reducing environmental damage is a core notion in all of our decision-making. Clean nature is an inexhaustible resource for all of us!

Safe place to work and safe end products

Our safety policy aims to reduce and eliminate all accident risks and other damaging risks in our operations. Similarly, we aim to guarantee coating products that are as safe as possible for our customers and the end users of their products. We take the notion of safety into account in every important decision we make, and we make no compromises in safety-related matters if there is any possibility of influencing them. A safe place to work and end products that are as user-friendly as possible are central targets of our high-quality company.

A challenge for the entire staff

The company management ensures that the entire staff has been trained well and is committed to implementing our environmental and safety programmes properly. Each employee is, on their part, responsible for the implementation of these programmes, and aims to develop the systems in a manner that reduces environmental impact and minimises safety risks in all our operations.