Our customers

The company specialises in producing high-quality metal coatings for specific industries. Our field of operation consists of presicion coating of functional components and structures for heavy and light equipment and machines, where we have worked since the company was founded. Our specialty is commercial vehicle industry, such as forestry, mining, and farming equipment, and defense. In addition, we have customers in e.g. optical applications, construction industry, and electronics industry.

Our customers value fast and reliable deliveries, flawless quality, and open and direct communication amid the daily bustle. As a general rule, our customers are very happy with our operations, and we know we are delivering a service that clearly ranks among the best in the industry. We are happy to give you some contacts in case you would like to ask our customers directly about the quality of our operations.

Customer orientation is an important part of high-quality service

Customer orientation is considered a starting point for good service, and it is at the core of quality standards as well. Suomen Elektropinta Oy has solved a countless amount of needs, specific (sometimes difficult) problems, tailored delivery schedules, adjusted delivery documents, and modified services, always according to the customer’s expression of worry, need, or problem. Our research shows high customer satisfaction.

We are still developing our product quality and service. The company aims to improve technological expertise and customer service simultaneously, so that even the most challenging processes can be carried out reliably and transparently. Our customers are looking for the winning solution with the best product qualities. We wish to provide our customers with coatings that represent the best technology possible.